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“Physical wellness is not just the absence of disease. It includes lifestyle behavior choices to ensure health, avoid preventable diseases and conditions, and to live in a balanced state of body, mind, and spirit.”

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*available to US only*


Did you know that a membership to Active & Fit Direct comes with over 800 on-demand workouts? You can choose to participate in a class or do exercise on your own at home.


*available to All*


As a Serco employee, you have access to LIFT, an online workout platform. Simply register through the LifeWorks platform to get started. See the below instructions if you have not registered your LifeWorks EAP account.


If you need to register for your account, visit Your invitation code is “sna-” followed by your Serco employee ID number (e.g. sna-80099999).

*available to US only*


Take care with things such as a health assessment or biometric screening and earn incentive rewards. The more you do, the more you earn. Of course, the best reward is your good health. If you are enrolled in a Serco medical plan through Cigna, you can earn incentives towards your Health Reimbursement Account.

Not Enrolled in Medical Plan? Benefit-eligible employees that are not enrolled in a medical plan can also earn up to $100 in incentive reward gift cards.

To access the full list of MotivateMe incentive activities, log into your account. Select the ‘Wellness’ tab at the top of the homepage.All benefits-eligible employees have access to MyCigna. If you have not registered, select the ‘Register’ button and use your SSN to create an account.

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