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We are excited to bring you a new series of challenges for 2022. This year Serco Wellbeing will be hosting quarterly challenges, each focusing on a dimension of wellbeing. By participating in the quarterly Rise to the Challenge, employees will earn wellbeing tickets. The more you participate the greater your chances of winning. Each challenge has a different maximum wellness tickets possible. See the below chart for details.

What is a wellbeing ticket? Wellness tickets are earned for participating in quarterly Rise to the Challenge events. By participating you are entered to win both the quarterly challenge prizes and grand prizes at the end of the year. Wellbeing tickets are tracked throughout the year.

How to participate in Rise to the Challenge: Each quarter, Serco Wellbeing will email registration instructions for the upcoming Rise to the Challenge. Registration links will also be provided below when registration for the challenge opens. All Serco North America employees (full and part-time) are eligible to participate.

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Saving for a Rainy Day


Focus on financial wellbeing this quarter with Serco Wellbeing's saving challenge. During the 11-week challenge, save each week for a total of more than $500.

Minutes Matter


Track and log your total minutes of physical activity each day. Each week you log at least 150 minutes of physical activity you will earn one wellbeing ticket. If you meet or exceed 150 minutes per week for the entire challenge, you will earn a total of 6 wellness tickets. Similar to 2021, your wellbeing tickets will be entered into the quarterly challenge drawing and will also be applied to the grand prize drawings. The more you participate, the better your chances of winning.

Owning Your Career


Take time to focus on your career and take advantage of career resources available to you as a Serco employees. During this challenge, complete your Individual Development Plan (IDP), complete your MyCatchUp with your manager and more to earn wellbeing tickets throughout the challenge.

Helping Hands


Over this four-week challenge Serco Wellbeing encourage you to get involved with your community. The Helping Hands challenge will connect you to volunteer opportunities in your communities and with organizations Serco supports. As the year comes to end and the holidays approach, it is a great time to give back.

Rise to the Challenge: List

Quarterly Winners

Each quarter thirty participants will be randomly selected to win a $25 gift card. You must be an active Serco North America employee at the time the winners are selected to receive your reward.

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End of Year Winners

All wellness tickets are tracked and entered into the grand prize drawing at the end of the year. Quarterly winners are also eligible for grand prizes.

  • Grand Prize: $500 gift card + wellbeing prize package (1 winner)

  • Level 2 Prize: $500 gift card (10 winners)

  • Level 3 Prize: $250 gift card (10 winners)

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