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Wellbeing Warriors are passionate, determined, and driven to achieve their personal wellbeing goals. They can also help to inspire their peers to set their own personal wellbeing goals an to participate in the Serco Wellness program.

Congratulations to our 2023 Wellbeing Warriors! Watch the Wellbeing Warrior video and check out the stories from the 2023 Wellbeing Warrior Winners below.


2023 Wellbeing Warrior Video

Watch the 2023 Wellbeing Warrior video to learn more about the winners, their stories, and wellbeing accomplishments. 


Congratulations to the 2023 Wellbeing Warrior Winners and Runner-Ups

Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination and congratulations to all the Wellbeing Warrior nominees on your outstanding wellbeing accomplishments!

Antoinette Phelps

Wellbeing Warrior Winner


Ashley Sonnier

Wellbeing Warrior Winner

Joey Headshot1.jpeg

Joseph Campbell

Wellbeing Warrior Winner

Matthew Neyens

Wellbeing Warrior Winner

Judy Maddox

Programming Editor

Wellbeing Warrior Runner-Ups

  • Anthony Sharp

  • Nathan Bentz

  • Matthew Loxton

  • Paige Davis


Winner Highlights


The Serco Wellbeing Warriors program celebrates our Serco colleagues' wellbeing successes and accomplishments. The 2023 Wellbeing Warrior Winners made strides in improving their wellbeing. 


Please help us celebrate and congratulate the winners and runners-up - and read more about their achievements below.

Exercise Outdoors.PNG


Wellbeing Warrior

Big Changes Start with Small Steps

When we’re ready for a change in our lives -- lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, make a budget, reduce stress -- we want it to happen fast. But change takes time, and new habits take a lot of practice before they become routine.


NEW FOR 2024: The Serco Wellbeing program continues to celebrate your wellbeing success and accomplishments with the Wellbeing Warriors program, but we want to recognize and highlight any strides you’ve made in your wellbeing journey.  One winner will be selected each month and highlighted in our Wellbeing Warriors Campaign. 


Share Your Healthy Goals and Success: From small goals to large achievements, we want to hear about your wellbeing wins! Did you:  

  • Start training for a race?

  • Drink more water throughout the day?

  • Take a mindful moment at the end of the workday?


Beginning January 2024:  Let us know how you or a fellow colleague are being healthy! Share your healthy goals and accomplishments with Serco Wellbeing. More information on how to submit your goals and successes coming soon!

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