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Wellbeing Warriors are passionate, determined, and driven to achieve their personal wellbeing goals. They can also help to inspire their peers to set their own personal wellbeing goals an to participate in the Serco Wellness program.

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NEW FOR 2024

Wellbeing Warrior

Big Changes Start with Small Steps

When we’re ready for a change in our lives -- lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, make a budget, reduce stress -- we want it to happen fast. But change takes time, and new habits take a lot of practice before they become routine.


NEW FOR 2024: The Serco Wellbeing program continues to celebrate your wellbeing success and accomplishments with the Wellbeing Warriors program, but we want to recognize and highlight any strides you’ve made in your wellbeing journey.  

Share Your Healthy Goals and Success: From small goals to proud moments, we want to hear about your wellbeing wins! Did you:  

  • Start training for a race?

  • Drink more water throughout the day?

  • Take a mindful moment at the end of the workday?

Let us know how you or a fellow colleague are being healthy! Share your healthy goals and accomplishments with Serco Wellbeing.

Submit Nominations Every Month!

One winner will be selected each month and highlighted in our Wellbeing Warriors Campaign. Winners will also receive a prize up to $500 value and the chance to earn the title of Wellbeing Warrior of the Year! 


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In every organization, there are individuals whose dedication and enthusiasm significantly elevate the collective spirit. At Serco, Justin Minges stands out as one such individual, a true Wellbeing Warrior whose passion and commitment to our wellbeing programs have inspired many.


Justin's unwavering dedication to participating in the wellbeing program and Employee Resource Group (ERG) events is nothing short of remarkable. He seems to never miss an opportunity to join an event, be it a wellbeing seminar, a fitness challenge, or a mindfulness session. His presence is a constant, and his active engagement, whether verbally or through chat, reflects his passion and eagerness to be involved in wellbeing activities. Justin’s consistent participation is not merely about attendance; it’s about fully immersing himself in the experience and fostering a sense of community among his peers.


One of the standout qualities of Justin's involvement is his positivity and motivational spirit. He is not only learning and applying wellbeing practices to his own life but is also encouraging others to embrace these benefits. His enthusiastic participation and positive attitude make him a living example of how motivation within a wellbeing program can lead to lasting change and a more fulfilling life. Justin's actions serve as a powerful reminder that a committed and positive approach to wellbeing can inspire others to follow suit.


Furthermore, Justin's dedication extends beyond his personal journey. He goes out of his way to take detailed notes during events he attends. These notes are not kept to himself; instead, he generously offers to share them with anyone who could not attend. This selfless act ensures that the benefits of the wellbeing programs are accessible to all, regardless of their ability to participate live. Justin’s willingness to share his insights and learnings underscores his genuine care for his colleagues’ wellbeing.


In recognition of his extraordinary efforts, Justin has nominated a fellow colleague for the Wellbeing Warrior award, further demonstrating his commitment to celebrating and promoting a culture of health and wellbeing at Serco. This nomination is a testament to his leadership and the positive influence he has on those around him.


Justin Minges exemplifies what it means to be a Wellbeing Warrior. His passion, consistent participation, and positive influence make him a beacon of inspiration for us all. Through his actions, Justin has shown that caring for oneself and others can lead to a more vibrant, supportive, and healthy workplace. 


We are proud to recognize Justin as a Wellbeing Warrior, and we look forward to seeing the continued positive impact he will undoubtedly make at Serco.


2023 Wellbeing Warrior Video

Watch the 2023 Wellbeing Warrior video to learn more about the winners, their stories, and wellbeing accomplishments. 

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