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NEW FOR 2024

LinkedIn Learning Courses

Serco Wellbeing is offering quarterly LinkedIn Learning Courses in 2024 that focus on health and wellbeing topics.
Learn new skills to help you stay healthy and focus on your wellness and earn 5 Wellbeing Tickets for completing a course. New courses will be available each quarter. 

LinkedIn Learning Courses

Find more details and information about the LinkedIn Learning Courses available in 2024.  

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Available July 1 - September 30

Financial Wellness: Managing Personal Cash Flow


Financial Wellbeing: Managing Personal Cash Flow

Complete this LinkedIn Learning course anytime from July 1 - September 30 to earn 5 Wellbeing Tickets!  


Even if you're normally levelheaded, "your brain on money" is different, and it can keep you financially stuck. In this course, financial therapist Amanda Clayman reveals ways you can adjust your financial habits and manage your cash flow in a positive way. Amanda helps you evaluate your current stress level and understand how your financial attitudes developed in the first place. She further helps you break down the stressful stimulus response behavior, separate your emotions from the noise, and gain a clear understanding of your situation and your options—and the consequences of past decisions. Last, she presents her framework for change, in a four-step model for managing your personal cash flow.

Please note:  if you are not logged into LinkedIn Learning on your web browser (or haven’t used your Serco LinkedIn Learning account before), this link will first take you to the Serco single-sign-on page. 


Serco Wellbeing will receive a completion report to award Wellbeing Tickets.

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