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Social Wellness is our ability to create and maintain meaningful relationships. Relationships are an important aspect of our lives. Having a network of social support can promote good mental and physical health, help us cope with difficult situation and enhance our self-esteem.

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Serco is dedicated to the strategic retention and advancement of women by recognizing, developing and leveraging the talent of its female employees to maximize business opportunities and achieve long-term success. We are committed to providing resources in support of that goal. The sercoWomen ERG offers its members an interactive space where diverse groups of women, and their allies, support one another in our professional and personal journeys; acknowledging challenges and empowering change while valuing and growing our strengths at work, home and within our communities.

For more information about the ERG and instructions on how to join, view the flyer below.


The sercoVets Employee Resource Group (ERG) provides a forum for Serco employees who are veterans, military spouses and allies to feel a sense of community and comradery among their peers to connect, network and grow as professionals. SercoVets offers employees an array of veteran and military spouse initiatives and activities, transition support, professional development, mentorship and networking opportunities

For more information about the SercoVets ERG and instructions on how to join, view the flyer below.


Yammer is Serco’s secure and private enterprise social network platform that is part of our O365 environment. 
Think of it as a “Facebook” for business.  Yammer makes it easy to share ideas with people across Serco, enabling employees to be more collaborative and productive.  You can create a group or join an existing group that focuses on a common area or topic of your choice.  Colleagues can connect and communicate with others to share knowledge and ideas.  The other Divisions across Serco are also using Yammer, so you will also be able to connect with colleagues in other regions. 
What is Yammer used for?
•             Connect and engage across our organization
•             Tap into the knowledge of others.
•             Join groups to stay informed, connect with your community, and gather ideas.
•             Participate in conversations across your network and add insights.

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