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Social wellness focuses on building and nurturing meaningful and supportive relationships with individuals, groups and communities. It enables you to create boundaries that encourage communication, trust and conflict management. Social wellness also includes showing respect for others, oneself and other cultures.

You can foster your social wellness by:​

  • Making an effort to keep in touch with supportive friends, family and mentors.

  • Participating in group discussions and practicing active listening.

  • Joining a club or organization.

  • Participating in study groups.

  • Volunteering in the community.

Find resources that you can use throughout Serco to stay connected.



Viva Engage (formerly Yammer)

Viva Engage (formerly Yammer) is Serco’s secure and private enterprise social network platform that is part of our O365 environment. Think of it as a “Facebook” for business. 


Viva Engage makes it easy to share ideas with people across Serco, enabling employees to be more collaborative and productive.  You can create a group or join an existing group that focuses on a common area or topic of your choice.  Colleagues can connect and communicate with others to share knowledge and ideas.  The other Divisions across Serco are also using Viva Engage, so you will also be able to connect with colleagues in other regions. 

Visit the Serco Wellbeing (North America) Community to stay up-to-date on upcoming events, new resources, and more!


Employee Resource Groups

Serco Americas operates five Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – sercoWomen, sercoVets, SercoEmbrace Americas, SercoRising, and SercoUnlimited.


Serco’s ERGs provide networking, collaboration, learning and professional development opportunities and support employee interests and communities which strengthens a culture of belonging and enable us to attract, grow, and retain talent.


Check out the Community page to learn about each Employee Resource Group at Serco. 

You can also visit the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Hub to learn more or join one or more of these communities from our ERG Membership Portal. Serco Credentials are needed to access the SharePoint site.

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Environment, Social, & Governance (ESG)

The Serco Americas ​​​​​​​Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) program is responsible for ensuring that Serco meets our social impact goals and improve our overall footprint on the world. 

Our Key Themes, Target Focus Areas and Objectives

  1. Carbon and Climate

  2. Resource Efficiency

  3. Environmental Protection

  4. Employee Engagement

To learn more about Serco ESG visit the Serco Group ESG Program

 *Serco Employee credentials required to access*

Garbage Recycling

Serco is dedicated to environmental operations that foster a sustainable future and reduce negative impacts to the natural surroundings in the communities where we do business.

sercoGreensteps endeavors to model our corporate values of Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride in a sustainable manner. To support natural resources, Serco strives to provide services to our customers while minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations and promoting business integrity. Our mission is to drive sustainability by integrating environmental responsibility within every aspect of our business operations and innovative solutions that we offer to our customers.  


*Serco Employee credentials required to access*

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