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Get ready for more wellbeing activities

throughout the year! Participate in these shorter challenges to help you stay motivated to reach your wellbeing goals.

Flash Challenges will be available every quarter in 2024. Be sure to stay updated so you can participate! 



Serco Wellbeing is excited to offer new activities to help you on your wellbeing journey. Thank you to everyone who participated in the first Flash Challenge - and we are excited to offer more later this year. Be sure to visit the Flash Challenge page so you can take part in the next challenge!

Flash Challenge Winners

Five participants in the Love Your Heart Flash Challenge were randomly selected to win a $25 Gift Card to the Wellbeing Marketplace. See who the first Flash Challenge winners are below: 

  1. Kris Sullivan

  2. Carmina Agtuca

  3. Claudia Cisneros

  4. Kerry Smith

  5. Alyse Johnson

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