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Community is an integral part of overall wellbeing. The power of giving back and feeling connected to where we live and work can be tremendous. 

Community is:

  • Belonging 

  • Support and inspiration

  • Shared investment

  • Common beliefs

  • Sense of safety and happiness

  • Togetherness

  • Connection

Community is it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.


Serco Americas operates five Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): 

  1. sercoWomen

  2. sercoVets

  3. SercoEmbrace Americas

  4. SercoRising

  5. SercoUnlimited

Seroco ERG's provide networking, collaboration, learning and professional development opportunities, and support employee interests and communities which strengthens a culture of belonging.  Visit the Serco Americas Diversity and Inclusion Hub to learn more about the work we do in support of our diverse workforce and how to get involved.  


*Serco Employee credentials required to access*

Serco Embrace Logo.png

The SercoEmbrace Americas Employee Resource Group is committed to increasing cultural awareness and understanding of diversity issues across the organization to improve recruitment, retention, and career development for all, irrespective of race, color, ethnicity, culture, and background.  Their mission is to create safe spaces to discuss challenges and inequities and to work collectively with our allies to push forward transparency and action as Serco honors its commitment to build an inclusive workplace for all employees.


Visit the SercoEmbrace SharePoint to learn more or join.  Serco Employee credentials required to access.


SercoUnlimited North America's mission is to remove barriers and challenge perceptions about disabilities and health conditions - both visible and non-visible. Our community is dedicated to empowering, supporting and advocating for individuals, while fostering education around allyship to drive the organization toward greater accessibility for everyone to do their best work. 



Visit the SercoUnlimited SharePoint to learn more or join.  Serco Employee credentials required to access.


The SercoVets Employee Resource Group provides a forum for Serco employees who are veterans, military spouses, and allies to feel a sense of community and comradery among their peers to connect, network and grow as professionals  SercoVets offers employees an array of veteran and military spouses initiatives and activities, transition support, professional development, mentoriship, and networking opportunities. 


Visit the SercoVets SharePoint to learn more or join.  Serco Employee credentials required to access.

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