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Serco Americas

Serco Americas operates four Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – sercoWomen, sercoVets, SercoEmbrace Americas, and SercoRising.

Serco’s ERGs provide networking, collaboration, learning and professional development opportunities and support employee interests and communities which strengthens a culture of belonging and enable us to attract, grow, and retain talent.

Visit the Serco Americas Diversity and inclusion Hub  to learn more about the work we do in support of our diverse workforce and how you can get involved and engage with colleagues across the organization. 

 *Serco Employee credentials required to access*

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Serco's first early career network - open to all, and designed specifically to support Serco's early-career talent. SercoRising is committed to fostering meaningful relationships and curating targeted resources to elevate the unique perspective and experience of early-career talent at Serco. Our mission is to create a sense of belonging among Serco's early-career community and to position Serco as a place where early-career talent can grow and thrive.

To join and learn more about SercoRising visit the SercoRising Hub

 *Serco Employee credentials required to access*

More Information Coming Soon

SercoEmbrace mission is to create safe spaces to discuss challenges and inequities and to work collectively with our allies to push forward transparency and action as Serco honor its commitment to build and inclusive workplace for all employees.

To join and learn more about SercoEmbrace visit the SercoEmbrace Hub

 *Serco Employee credentials required to access*

SercoVets offers employees an array of veteran and military spouse initiatives and activities, transition support, professional development, mentorship and networking opportunities.

To join and learn more about SercoVets visit the SercoVets Hub

 *Serco Employee credentials required to access*

SercoVets Flyer

The SercoWomen ERG offers its members an interactive space where diverse groups of women, and their allies, support one another in our professional and personal journeys; acknowledging challenges and empowering change while valuing and growing our strengths at work, home and within our communities.

To join and learn more about SercoWomen visit the SercoWomen Hub

 *Serco Employee credentials required to access*

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